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It is a priority for Reykjavik Fibre Optics that the quality connection of the fibre optic cable reaches all the way, so we have prepared a set of guidelines intended for building contractors, electrical designers and others who lay and design fibre optic cable setups.

It is important that Reykjavik Fibre Optics are consulted for the final finishing of all telecommunications cables, as residents and businesses all want the high-quality connection of the fibre optic network immediately at the handover of the property.

Please do not hesitate to send us a query at the constructional stage of the property, to the email address so a fibre optic cable can be assumed in your building.

Main Role

The main role of Reykjavik Fibre Network (RFN) is to provide Icelandic households and businesses with access to a high-quality service on an open-access network. RFN is based on a PTP (point to point) system, meaning that each and every home or business has access to a fibre optics network all the way, from end user to RFN’s base network, without sharing bandwidth with others. Another advantage to this setup is that the speed of the connection can be increased simply by upgrading the terminal equipment of the user. A 100% fibre optic network delivers a bandwidth for the future. To put this into perspective, a single fibre optic cable can deliver all the phone calls in the world simultaneously, at any given moment.

RFN only lays single mode (SM) fibre optic cables in the capital region, from Mosfellsbær to Hafnarfjordur, but also manages a fibre optic network reaching Akranes, Borgarbyggð, Hveragerdi, Þorlákshöfn, Hella and Hvolsvollur.

One Visit

RFN offers their customers a free home delivery of services once the residence has connected to the network. This is a collaborative effort between RFN and the telecommunications companies. With One Visit, the latest model of an input box along with up to three indoor cables (for internet, telephone, and television), at no extra charge for the residents.

All terminal equipment is then connected and ultimately all services tested to ensure the high-quality connection of the fibre optic cables.


Designers are advised to consult the regulations of the Post and Telecom Administration in Iceland, article nr. 1111/2015 regarding indoor wiring and plumbing.


The intake of the fibre optic cable should preferably be situated where the access is good in a common property area, by the low-voltage system of the building and the location of the intake box is preferably at a working height.

If the owner of the residence sets up a 19” box for fibre optic cables, with sufficient space for both the telecom cables as well as the indoor cables, RFN requires one “U” connection drawer for their clients. No one but RFN is permitted to connect into that particular drawer. Then a fibre optic cable is installed to the apartment and RFN recommends that this cable is independent of other telecom systems as the RFN is based on PTP as previously stated. Please make sure that the cables and additional conductors have sufficient slack, as a fibre optic cable generally requires more slack than other wirings.

In apartment buildings where a 19” box is not installed, RFN will install an intake box for their main cable. Developers are encouraged to reach out to RFN regarding the implementation and finishing of the fibre optic cable installation. Further information about the RFN fibre optic network in new buildings can be requested by contacting us at

Finishing of cables and safety precautions

It is appropriate to think of the quality of a fibre optic cable connection as water flowing through a garden hose. If the hose gets pinched, the flow limited or even cut off altogether.

Therefore, it is worth keeping in mind when finishing a fibre optic cable that turns and bends must not be made tightly, nor can the cable be crushed, e.g. by a towbar. If these matters are not given due attention, a cable can be damaged at installation and the quality of the connection therefore compromised. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the handling of fibre optic cables.

When handling fibre optic cables it is of utmost importance to maintain hygiene and cleanliness at all times. Impurities in fibre optic cables connections and cable joints adversely affect the quality of the connection.

Never look straight into the end of s fibre optic cable.

Refrain from keeping foods around fibre optic cable connections.

Clippings of cable should be gathered and kept in a separate box, until discarded as hazardous waste.

Clean the work area as well as hands thoroughly once work is complete.

Further information

If further information is required regarding design, installation or development RFN, please send us a message at