The Order Watch

Reykjavik Fibre Network’s Order Watch allows you to see the status of your order.

Enter your Icelandic social security number to get your status and after a moment you will receive a text message for confirmation.

Where is my order?


Our order tracker lets you to check the status of your order. Type in your identification number (kennitala) to check the status of your order. You’ll get a verification code via sms.

What is the installation process?

Our specialists pay you a visit and install a fibre optic cable box, connecting it to equipment such as router, decoder, and home phone.

It is worth keeping in mind that it is preferable that the fibre optic box is located centrally in the residence to facilitate the connection to terminal equipment.

New buildings often feature a connection cabinet where the fibre optic cable box can be mounted and connected to cables leading to all rooms.